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Residential Services

A home is a place where families lives without worries. It is also one of the most valuable asset of a person. Having your own house, will not only give you a peace of mind but will also give you big responsibilities.

As a homeowner, it is important to make sure that all your house locks are working properly. If not, then you are putting the lives of your family in danger. Be Observant! If you think there is something wrong with your locks do not take it for granted. Act fast or else you will be sorry later.

Believe it or not, many homeowners solve the problem when its already worse. Be an intelligent homeowner, do what you can do now! Remember each person must live their life with security. Do not let thieves break-in inside your house, steal all your important belongings and harm your  whole family.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional locksmith provider? Then, you came to the right place. We are Locksmith Home Locks who can help you solve your locksmith problem at no time. We will be your saviour when you feel that no one will be there to help you.  

Want to know the service we provide? Kindly read them below:

  • Duplication of Key
  • Replacement, Repair and Installation of Locks
  • Re-Key & Installation of Master Key
  • Installation of New Locks

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 365 days. If you encounter the problem during the holidays and weekends, do not worry because you can still call us. Not only that, we also offer free estimates.